Grounds / Maintenance
Teacher Reader
Teacher Reader

Work Opportunities

Milo Adventist Academy offers a variety of work opportunities. Keeping in mind the personnel needs of the school’s industries and on-campus work needs, the work coordinator makes job assignments on the basis of the student’s abilities and interests. During the process of determining their work assignments, students are also encouraged to apply to work supervisors for the job of their choice.


Jobs are typically available in these areas each year, while others are created as needed:

  • Teachers' readers/workers
  • Office workers
  • Residence Hall Assistants (RA)
  • Phone monitor
  • Maintenance of buildings
  • Care of grounds/Farm
  • Food service
  • Industry
    • Advanced Assembly & Packaging

Student Wages

At campus industries students earn Oregon minimum wage or better.

Other campus jobs are a part of the Work-Study Program and pay federal minimum wage. The average number of hours that students may work their jobs is 10 hours per week.

Summer Work at Milo

Milo's summer work program allows students to take responsibility for a portion of their school bill. Students wishing to enter the summer work program need to turn in a Summer Work Applcation(62.6 KB) to the business office.