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Neighbor Days at Milo Academy

Service days are scheduled several times throughout the school year. One is called "Campus Day" and includes on-campus projects. The others are called "Neighbor Day" and generally include off-campus activities similar to the following:

  • Cleaned out a side yard of Tiller Elementary School
  • General cleanup around Camp Umpqua; cleaning inside of the buildings
  • Housekeeping and window washing at Forest Glen
  • Yard work and wood cutting for a Milo neighbor
  • Housekeeping and yard work for several neighbors
  • Hauling wood for a neighbor
  • Deep cleaning for a Milo neighbor
  • Yard work and install a sidewalk for a Milo neighbor
  • Yard cleanup and fence repair for a neighbor
  • Yard work and picked grapes and apples for a neighbor
  • Wood cutting and garbage hauling for a Milo neighbor
  • Harvest a garden for a Milo neighbor
  • Yard work and equipment hauling for a Milo neighbor
  • Picked up walnuts for a Milo neighbor
  • Rake leaves
  • Cleared brush and hauled wood for a Milo neighbor
  • Worked on corrals and barns