Arrive at Milo Academy

Milo Academy Registration

At registration the many details of work assignments, class schedules, and other paperwork are processed. You will be given a checklist of tasks that need to be completed to make this process easier. See the Application Procedure to make sure that you are ready for registration. Print out a Registration Day(202.1 KB) list of activities that will help your registration process to go quickly and smoothly.

Moving into the Dormitory

All Milo Adventist Academy students move in on registration day. The Milo Academy Dorms(37.2 KB) brochure lists what you will need to bring. If necessary, starting with the freshmen and progressing to seniors, the deans pair up roommates as needed for space. Individual preferences and choice will be considered in the assignments. Changes can be made throughout the year by consulting with the dean.

Deans will go over dormitory rules and policies at the end of registration day. See Rx for Success, Network and Games Policy, Behavior Standards.

Where will I room in the dorm?

Class standing, GPA, citizenship grade, room grade, and attendance grade are considered by the dean in making room assignments. MAA deans are not available during the summer months; room assignments will be made at the end of the summer.

Are computers available on campus?

Computer workstations are available in labs in the administration building and dormitories. Students who bring their own computers are subject to the MAA Acceptable Use Policy(49.5 KB).

Is internet access available on campus?

MAA is pleased to offer access to the campus computer network, including the internet, provided students honor the MAA Acceptable Use Policy(49.5 KB). Each student will be given a personal account on the network which may be used to store homework files, access the internet, and access the network resources such as encyclopedias, clip art, and classroom assignments. Students will be able to access the internet only through the campus network. Students and their parents are expected to sign a Network Account Agreement(13.2 KB) when they register.

May I have a car on campus?

Students may be given permission to park their vehicles* on campus under certain conditions. Please see Student Vehicles on Campus.