Student Vehicles at Milo Academy

Students may be given permission to park their vehicles* on campus under the following conditions:

  1. Register the vehicle with your dean within forty-eight hours of arrival on campus.
  2. Use your vehicle only for transportation to and from your home during any approved overnight or weekend leave and for dean-approved junior/senior privileges. Student vehicles may not be used for school-sponsored outings/activities.
  3. No other student may drive the vehicle.
  4. Other students may ride in the vehicle only when permission is on file with the deans from both sets of parents.
  5. When not in use, park the vehicle in its assigned parking space at all times (violations will result in a fine).
  6. Make sure proof of liability insurance for the vehicle is on file with school administration.
  7. The student and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign the Vehicle Parking Permit(46.4 KB) contract.
  8. Students must recognize that MAA cannot take responsibility for vehicles parked on campus.
  9. Students must be aware that MAA’s accident insurance does not cover injuries sustained while riding a two, three, or four-wheeled ATV motor vehicle.

*Please note that dormitory students may not bring motorcycles or two, three, or four-wheeled ATV’s on campus.

Note to village students: Non-dorm students riding motorcycles to and from school are not covered by MAA's accident insurance. Also, village students may not transport fellow MAA students as passengers on their two, three, or four-wheeled motorcycles or ATV's.

Failure to fulfill any of the conditions outlined will automatically cancel the privilege of having a vehicle on campus.