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Milo Academy Specific Dress Guidelines

Milo Adventist Academy students are expected to dress appropriately at all times. The following are specific dress guidelines for all occasions.

Be sure to see the Milo Dress Categories and Behavior Standards, for dress categories and basic dress standards. The following are additional dress guidelines.

Specific Dress Guidelines

  • Shorts must have an inseam extending at least half way to the knee.
  • Skirt length must extend to the top of the knee. Slits should be no longer than 1/4 of the skirt length from the hem. Leggings do not increase the length of your skirt.
  • Pants, shorts, and skirts must be hemmed.
  • No torn or ragged clothing or clothing with holes
  • Clothing must not allow underclothing or midriffs to be visible when arms are raised. Necklines must be modest and not low cut.
  • Sleeveless clothing must be snug fitting under the arm and have mid-shoulder straps at least two inches wide. Straps less than two inches wide must be covered by solid material.
  • Hats on boys and non-dress hats on girls are not to be worn in the church.
  • No sleepwear or slippers outside the dormitories.
  • No clothing with slogans or pictures promoting anything contrary to Christian principles.
  • No jewelry or jewelry related items (will be confiscated).
  • Natural, inconspicuous, neutral tone nail polish is acceptable.
  • Hair is to be kept neat, clean, and of natural color. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate at any time.
  • Body art or marking is not acceptable.