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Sabbath dress
Sabbath Dress
Sabbath dress
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Milo Academy Dress Categories

Milo Academy students are expected to dress appropriately at all times. The following are specific dress categories and expectations for a variety of campus activities and events.

Be sure to see the Campus Dress Principles, which are the general rules for dress. Also see Campus Dress Guidelines for more specifics.

Work Dress

Applies while performing assigned work. Exceptions are at the discretion of the work supervisor.

Sabbath Sanctuary Dress

Sabbath sanctuary dress applies for Vespers, Sabbath School, and Church. Attire must include:

  • Slacks or new cords
  • Dress shoes and dress socks
  • Any combination of shirt and accessory:
dress shirttie
collarless/banded shirtvest
suit jacket

*Dress shirts are full-buttoned and do not include T‑shirts, polo/golf shirts, or sweatshirts. Dress shirt tails are to be tucked in.

  • Dresses or skirts (no khaki, leather or denim) with nice sweater or blouse (no T-shirts)
  • Dress shoes (Does not include Tevas, tennis shoes, Keds, Sketchers. Dressy flip-flops okay)
  • No sweatshirt or denim jackets may be worn for vespers or church dress
  • No leggings

Vespers Dress

Vespers dress must be worn to vespers and special Sabbath afternoon programs, such as concerts. It is the same as Sabbath sanctuary dress with the following exceptions:

Men: May omit the accessory.
Women: Dress pants may be worn. (No cords, denim, or khaki fabrics)

Sports Dress

Sports dress applies to participants in PE or sporting activities.

  • Sports bras may be worn with a tank top having snug-fitting under arms and three-finger width shoulder straps.
  • Swim wear
    • Women — modest one-piece suits; no tankinis
    • Men — loose-fitting swim trunks/shorts
  • Shorts must have an inseam extending at least half way to the knee.

Banquet Clothing

Banquet dress should meet the specific dress guidelines for each banquet. Deans must approve all banquet attire for both village and dorm students prior to the banquet.