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Milo Academy Recreation

Milo Academy Bridge Swimming Hole
The swimming hole at the MIlo bridge is deep enough to be a good place to swim throughout the summer. It boasts plenty of shallow water for children to play, plenty of room to swim laps back and forth ascross the river, a rope swing hanging from the bridge, and several high places for jumping into the river. Students enjoy using the dock for diving and resting. This swimming hole is a favorite place for summer workers!
Horseback Riding
The Milo Academy Horse Program provides opportunities for students to ride as well as care for the horses. The 400-plus-acre campus has riding opportunities along the river, through the pastures and fields, and on campus roads and trails. During the school year the Horse Progarm cares for some Big Lake Camp horses which are available for students to ride. Helmets are required. For more information about keeping a horse on campus see Milo Horse Program(389.4 KB).
Outdoor Sports Court
Tennis, hockey, and basketball are some of the sports available in the outdoor sports court. The court is lit for use after dark and is covered for use in wet weather.
Craig's Lookout is a favorite hiking trail that begins from Camp Umpqua at the east end of the Milo campus. The rock outcrop at the end of the trail offers a buzzard's eye view of the Milo campus, river, and valley. Other campus trails lead up into the hills with many opportunities for outdoor exploration.
The gym is often available for supervised recreation and games from dodgeball to basketball and floor hockey.
The covered oval sidewalk is a favorite place for walking on wet winter evenings. Three times around is a mile. The walk to Camp Umpqua is another favorite.
Rec Rooms
For those who desire indoor recreation, both dorms have recreation rooms with games and exercise equipment.
Track and Field
Milo's quarter-mile track surrounds the soccer field. The baseball/softball field is also maintained during the fall and spring.
Paved, gravel, and dirt roads on campus make good places for biking. There's a bike lane on the highway along the river for a beautiful ride. Nearby logging roads with plenty of hills offer more challenging riding.