Milo Academy Grades

Milo Adventist Academy operates on the quarter/semester system. Each school year consists of two 18-week semesters. Each semester is divided into two 9-week quarters.

Grade Reports

Parents can see student assignments and grades as soon as they are updated by the teacher online at Click here for login instructions.

Grade Points

Upon receipt of a grade report, the student or parent should carefully check it for accuracy. Any corrections must be taken care of within three weeks. The following chart describes the grading system and the honor points associated with each grade. Credit is awarded only for academic classes in which a student has earned a grade of A, B, C, D, E, P, or S.

ASuperior progress and quality of work4
BGood progress and quality of work3
CAverage progress and quality of work2
DBelow average progress and quality of work1
EWorking to ability0
FFailing work0
IIncomplete work0
NNo grade at this time0
SSatisfactory work0
UUnsatisfactory work0
WFWithdrawal failing0
WPWithdrawal passing0


A grade of I (Incomplete) is given when, for legitimate reason (e.g., extended illness), the student is unable to do sufficient work in any given period to receive a passing grade. Incompletes may not be used to make up for excessive absences or habits of procrastination.

An incomplete must be removed within three weeks after the close of the grading period for which it was given. Incomplete grades which have not been cleared by then will automatically be changed to an F.

Academic Standing

Good academic standing is defined as having no current grade of F in any class or no more than one class with a current grade of D.

Unacceptable academic standing is having a current grade of F in any class or having more than one class with a current grade of D.

Interim Progress Reports

Students whose weekly report indicates that they are in danger of failing one or more of their classes may be placed on a restricted program.

For dormitory students, this includes a study hall during recreation time, limited leaves, room restriction, etc. Village students are restricted from participation in social and recreation activities, and their parents are asked to provide special supervision at home.

Students are taken off restriction when they present a note from the teacher involved stating that the student is currently passing the class in question.


Student tutors are made available to assist students who desire additional help with assignments.

Parents may also choose to arrange privately with other students or with non-student tutors at their own expense. All such tutors must be approved by administration. Deans must approve the locations of the tutoring, and they will expect to receive regular progress reports from the tutor.