Ways to Help Milo Academy

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Donate to Milo Academy
Listed below are several ways you can donate to Milo Academy.
  • Donate online at Adventist School Pay
  • If your church is in the Oregon Conference, you can donate via Adventist Giving online: Navigate to your church's online giving link, log in, then scroll down and click on “add more offerings”. Select MAA Building Fund by clicking in the box to place a check mark. Then click on “Add selected offerings to envelope”, enter the amount and proceed as you normally do for your tithe and offerings.
  • Go to PayPal: and Log in. Click on “Money” at the top menu. Next click “Send money”, then choose “Send money to friends and family” (This will avoid fees being deducted from your donation.) Enter, then enter your amount
    and type a message to designate a specific project if you wish,
    such as “storm recovery” or “worthy student”, then click the
    blue “Continue” button. You should get confirmation that the
    donation was sent.
  • Use your credit or debit card to make a donation to Milo. Call 541-825-3200 Ext. 3314 during regular business hours.
  • Write a check and mail it to Milo Adventist Academy, P.O. Box 278, Days Creek, OR 97429


Servpro brought in huge dryers to remove moisture from the cafeteria and student center. (Photo: Kathy Hernandez)

A winter storm left Milo without power for five days and caused $2 million in damages.
Insurance will cover $1.5 million, and Oregon Conference donors have pledged almost $100,000. While we don't know where the other $400,000 will come from, we are trusting God to provide. Will you be part of the answer to our prayers?

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Sponsor a student (Work Sponsorship(438.1 KB))
The work sponsorship program allows a sponsor to apply a specific
amount to a student's account for each hour that the student works.

Purchase a yearbook ad
To purchase a yearbook ad, please first contact the yearbook adviser to see if there is room in the yearbook. If so, you can choose the size(17.8 KB) of your ad. When you have chosen the size you can fill out an Ad Contract(22.9 KB) and sent it to the yearbook staff at Milo with your information, pictures, and check. Please send it Attention Yearbook, Milo Adventist Academy, P.O. Box 278, Days Creek, OR 97429. The yearbook staff appreciates your support of their efforts!

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