Parent Volunteers

Milo Academy Volunteers

Parent Participation

Parent participation in Milo events is welcome and sppreciated. Student leaders are responsible for planning several major events on campus during the school year and often get their parents involved. Parent advice, ideas, food, supplies/props usually receive rave reviews.

Camp Umpqua

Hearsay has it that there have been a number of people involved in the development of Camp Umpqua. Contact if you would like to contribute your skills or time to this project!


A few volunteer from the community are available to take students to the doctor, pick them up from the airport, or take them for a town run. The people who volunteer transportation are ready at a moment's notice to go where they're asked to go. They have saved Milo staff countless hours by volunteering to make trips to town when needed. Milo staff appreciate you! Thanks also to staff who are willing to piggyback errands in town for each other!

Housing for Students

Thanks to the friends of Milo who have opened your homes to Milo Academy students who need a temporary place to stay.

Saturday Night Activities

Kim Miller coodinates Saturday Night Activities. She's been planning fun activities for Milo students and staff since 1999. Thank you Kim!

Web Site Development

Many thanks go to web developer and alumnus Joseph Hermens for his assistance with this web site. Without him we would not have the menu system and many other features that make this site easy to use and maintain. Thank you Joseph!


Thanks go to all Milo staff and students who carry their cameras and contribute their photos for use in Milo publications and website!


Proofreaders play a big part in all of Milo's print and web publications. A big thanks to all of the detail conscious people who help to keep Milo publications accurate!