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Milo Academy International Cost

Milo Adventist Academy's English Language Program tuition and fees for international students for the 2016-2017 school year (August 14, 2016,– May 28, 2017):

Tuition US $8,925
Room and Board US $6,945
Entrance Fees US $ 650
International Student Fees US $4,150
Cultural Immersion US $3,000
Total US $23,670

International Student Health Insurance

International students at Milo Adventist Academy are required to have year-around health insurance. Parents can choose to be covered by the Milo Academy insurance provider or by a health insurance provider of their own choosing. The cost of the Milo Academy insurance provider's health insurance is US $61 per month. Proof of the minimum coverage, as set by the US government, is required.

International Student Home Leaves and Vacations

To better assist our international students, we require that each student have a sponsor(13.6 KB) or guardian in the state of Oregon. Milo Adventist Academy has 4 home leaves and 3 vacations during the school year. During the home leaves and vacations the dormitories are closed. Each international student will be expected to spend home leaves and vacations with his/her sponsoring family. Other arrangements can be made by submitting Milo's International Student Home Leave Plans(16.5 KB) form. See the Calendar at a Glance for home leave and vacation dates. Additional charges apply for students who do not have a sponsor.

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees are non-refundable and cover the following items:

  • ACT/SAT Test Fee
  • Boys'/Girls' Club
  • Class Dues
  • Counseling/Testing
  • Entertainment
  • Intramural Fee
  • Library
  • Mugbook/Student ID
  • Outreach
  • Registration Fee
  • Student Association
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Technology
  • Yearbook

What does Student Accident Insurance cover?

Milo provides a secondary accident insurance policy for all enrolled students. Complete information, including coverage and exclusions, will be sent upon request. It is the student's responsibility to report any accident to the business office within 24 hours. See further information on accident reporting procedures on page 29 of the 2012-2015 Milo Handbook(1.2 MB).

May I contact someone directly with my financial questions?

Yes! Please e-mail or call the , with questions you may have about Milo financial policies.

How do I apply to Milo's English Language Program?

The Online Application and Enrollment lists all of the forms necessary to apply to enter Milo Academy. Use the International Student Admissions Checklist(49.9 KB) to see a step by step application process. During your online application and enrollment process you will be prompted to fill out the necessary forms and give the necessary information.

How do I make a payment?

Milo Academy accepts both credit card payments and bank transfers. To make a credit card payment, please FAX a credit card authorization form(106.2 KB): Attention Business Manager at 541-825-3723. To make a bank transfer, please email a request for a bank transfer to the .