Financial Assistance

Milo Adventist Academy is committed to helping teenagers meet the financial obligations of Christian education.

While some families have the financial resources to pay their students’ bills in cash, many others need to take advantage of other means to meet their obligations. Sources of revenue fall into three categories: cash, earnings from the student’s work program, and financial assistance. Discount plans are also available to some students.

FACTS Aid and Grant Assessment for Milo

All students who wish to receive some financial aid and/or worthy student aid from Milo Academy will need to apply through the FACTS Aid and Grant Assessment for Milo application process. You must complete a FACTS application and supply a signed copy of your 2015 IRS Form 1040 and an Form W-2 income tax statements to FACTS. Milo Adventist Academy's Scholarchip Committee will be awarding the student aid based on the submitted applications, need, and the funds available for the year. The deadline for applying for tuition assistance is the last day of July.

For more information about how to use FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, open the FACTS flyer(1.7 MB).

Sponsorship Program

Students can generate additional financial support by recruiting their own sponsors. Sponsors can contribute a flat monthy amount or a one-time payment. Work Study Program sponsors can sponsor students by hours worked or commit to match earnings per specified period. Appropriate forms are available through the Business Office or on the Resources page of this web site. In accordance with IRS regulations, these sponsorship payments cannot be considered tax-decuctible contributions.

Academic Scholarships

Each year several students from Oregon Conference constituency, including Milo juniors currently enrolled, are awarded a $1000 tuition scholarship. To qualify for these, students must give evidence of academic promise as well as a commitment to the values which Milo Academy was established to nurture. Contact the Registrar or Admissions Office for more information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Academy Days Scholarships

Prospective students may earn scholarship during the Academy Days weekend by taking subject area exams.

Local Church Worthy Student Fund

Check with your local church pastor or treasurer for worthy student assistance available to you.

Alaska Scholarships

MAA assists students from Alaska (since they have no boarding academy) by giving a $500 travel scholarship. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled for the full year. The scholarship will be applied on the April statement.

Oregon Conference Pathfinder Scholarships

Milo Adventist Academy will be awarding scholarships this year to Oregon Conference Pathfinders. The amount of each scholarship will be between $500 and $2,000 as determined by the scholarship committee and announced at the Pathfinder Fair in May. These funds will be subject to admission approval with half of each scholarship applied to the student’s tuition in November and the second half in March. Club directors may submit the Pathfinder Scholarship(53.9 KB) form.

Names of current Pathfinders who would welcome the opportunity to attend Milo must be submitted by May 5 and include the following:

  1. A recommendation letter from your Pathfinder director and one other non-related adult.
  2. A one-page statement from the student explaining why he/she wants to attend and how it will benefit him/her.
  3. A list of activities in which the Pathfinder has been involved.

Submissions must be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to V.P. for Finance, Milo Adventist Academy, P.O. Box 278, Days Creek, OR 97429; FAX: 541-825-3723; e-mail: .

NPUC Hispanic Scholarship

Hispanic families in need may qualify for the NPUC Hispanic Scholarship Program. Qualified families can receive an annual scholarship of up to $1,400. Applications are available from the VP for Finance or here(49.2 KB). To obtain the scholarship, applicants will:

  1. Fill out the top section of the application for each student.
  2. Submit the application to the local church for aproval and signature of church official.
  3. Take the application, with the signature of the church official, to MAA's VP for Finance for approval.
  4. The VP for Finance must receive the church portion and certify that he/she has received it by his/her signature on this application.
  5. The VP for Finance will submit the appliation to the NPUC.
  6. Schools will not submit applications until September 15, in order to confirm that the student has enrolled.

NPUC Regional Scholarship

$200 from the church, $600 from North Pacific Union Conference, $600 from our academy. Total $1,400.

A number of NPUC Regional Scholarships are available for members of African-American Seventh-day Adventist churches in the North Pacific Union Conference. Payment from your church must be included with the application and mailed to the North Pacific Union office before the Milo and North Pacific Union matches can be applied to your account. The applications are available at North Pacific Union Conference under the Regional Affairs Department. Families must also complete the FACTS application for financial aid and submit all supporting documents by the last day of July and must fall within certain income guidelines to be eligible for the Milo matching portion of this scholarship.

Work Sponsorships

The work sponsorship program is designed to allow students to increase the amount they receive for the hours they work at MAA. Students recruit sponsors who will guarantee to sponsor them for a specific amount per hour for each hour they work at MAA, or for a flat monthly amount. Hourly donations can be as little as ten cents or as high as the donor wishes. Work sponsorship brochures(438.1 KB) are available from the business office. MAA business office will report the hours worked to sponsors monthly.

Student Labor

In addition to providing an environment in which to develop important skills and values, the student work program at MAA allows students to earn a significant portion of their tuition through their own endeavors. Depending on job position and number of hours worked, students may earn an average of $150 to $350 per month to apply to tuition costs.